Teen & Adolescent Psychiatric Health Inpatient Programs in Atlanta, GA

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What Is Adolescent Inpatient Care?

  • For patients in crisis or in need of stabilization
  • Short-term in nature
  • 24/7 care
  • Reside at our facility

How Can A Mental Health Inpatient Program Help Adolescents?

  • Our skilled staff focuses on adolescents with problems that encompass emotional, behavioral and chemical dependency components. When so many problems co-occur, an adolescent can feel confused, frustrated, angry, and frequently helpless to get so many issues under control.
  • While our stay averages 3-5 days, we focus on the needs of each adolescent in our program so the stay can be longer or, infrequently, shorter. We want to ensure that everyone who comes through our program is back on the right track before they are discharged.

What Happens When A Patient Admits?

  • When an adolescent is admitted to our program, they and their families meet with our specially trained interdisciplinary team which consists of licensed masters-level therapists, mental health professionals, pharmacists, nurses, and doctors.
  • The team will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to gather a complete history of the presenting problem, co-occurring problems or any other issues which may be present, ways they cope with stress, interpersonal difficulties, and any other information the family feels the team needs to know. They will also gather as much information as possible on the adolescent’s current symptoms and how the teen is experiencing them as well as in what situations the symptoms appear to be having the most detrimental effects.
  • The team will also solicit feedback from the family and teen as to what types of things they believe have helped the teen gain control or deal with stress in the past and what strategies they tried which were not effective. We believe in a collaborative model that incorporates the cumulative knowledge of the family system into the treatment plan that is ultimately devised to help the adolescent heal. One of our main goals is to create a treatment plan which is unique and appropriate for each individual in our adolescent programming.

What Types of Therapies and Skills Will The Adolescent Learn?

  • Our inpatient program consists of both individual and group sessions. We recognize it is important for teens to be able to express themselves in a more private setting while also allowing for them to experience the peer support of others who are facing similar problems.
  • Each adolescent will be exposed to new experiences, ways of coping with stress, and better interpersonal skills. They will work on emotional regulation, and other management skills to help prevent problems from occurring due to impulsivity. Problems solving skills will be integrated into all the work they do to enable them to become better decision makers.
  • Patients will also work on executive skills to help them improve their planning skills, memory, attention, and focus. As they discover their unique and specific strengths they will learn how to use them to build on, creating a new way of life that will help them reach the goals they have set.
  • Since adolescents are part of a larger system, we provide family sessions to help the family members express and cope with specific issues in a safe environment with a therapist who can moderate the sessions, so that each person can present their concerns, expectations and what they’d like to see changed.
  • This is a crucial part of the program to ensure that when the teen is ready to leave the discharge and reintegration into the family unit is as seamless as possible and each family member has learned how to provide support for each other and help the teen with relapse prevention efforts.

What Is A Typical Day In The Adolescent Inpatient Program?

Group therapy is offered daily, as well as individual and family therapy sessions as needed. Treatment will focus on therapeutic approaches to staying healthy and medication management as appropriate. This approach will provide the best outcomes by focusing on both aspects of treatment. When it’s time for the individual to be discharged, social workers will help the individual locate appropriate services to ensure continuity of care.

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What Happens After Adolescent Inpatient Treatment?

  • Our team will work to develop comprehensive discharge and/or continuing care plans. These will ensure each teen leaves our inpatient program with access to crucial recovery resources and professional referrals.