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Lakeview Behavioral Health is the trusted provider of Vicodin addiction treatment for adults and adolescents in Norcross, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta.

Learn About Vicodin Addiction Treatment

Learn more about Vicodin addiction treatment at Lakeview Behavioral Health Hospital in Atlanta, GA

Vicodin, a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen, is a powerful narcotic that is often used for pain relief. When not used properly Vicodin can be very dangerous. When an individual becomes dependent on Vicodin they experience a wide variety of negative consequences. We understand that the decision to seek treatment is difficult. You have been taking Vicodin for so long that you may not believe that you can live without it. You can live a life without Vicodin and it can be a happy life. The recovery process is not an easy one. At our Vicodin addiction treatment center we know this and that is why we are dedicated to make the process as smooth as possible.

Why Consider Us

Why consider treatment for Vicodin addiction at Lakeview Behavioral Health Hospital in Atlanta, GA

Vicodin addiction is a serious illness that needs immediate attention. The sooner a Vicodin addict gets treatment the better, as to avoid any further negative consequences. Continued Vicodin use can ruin you relationships with family and loved ones, it can prevent you from effectively functioning on a daily basis, and it can cause serious health problems.

By offering a full range of empirically validated treatments, our hospital makes it possible for everyone to get individualized care. You are unlike anyone else, so your treatment plan should only reflect your needs. As we begin to uncover who you are as a person it will allow us to get a better understanding as to the underlying cause of your addiction. The more we know about you as a person the better we will be able to help. No one should have to face addiction alone.  The staff at our addiction treatment center wants to help. We are here for you during the entire process, supporting you every step of the way. You can recover from Vicodin addiction.

Our Philosophy

Lakeview Behavioral Health Hospital’s philosophy and treatment benefits

The treatment center team here at Lakeview is made up of fully trained psychiatrists, physicians, nurses, therapists, technicians, and support staff all of whom are there to offer you caring support. Our approach to addiction recovery is to treat the whole individual. You are much more than an individual suffering with an addiction problem. We understand this which is why we help you learn better coping mechanisms to deal with your issues by building off of the strengths you already possess.

Types of Treatment

Types of Vicodin addiction treatment offered at Lakeview Behavioral Health Hospital in Atlanta, GA

Our hospital near Atlanta, Georgia provides many forms treatments that we use to help you get clean and stay clean. Depending on your level of addiction you may need to start by detoxing in order to cleanse your body of all toxins. After a full evaluation, used to determine all substances that may be in your system as well as any existing co-occurring disorders, we will work to get you to a point of stabilization. Once you have been detoxed you will then be ready to transition to our Vicodin addiction treatment center. Your plan of care at our hospital will center on the 12-step model of addiction.

Medication is often used in addiction treatment, most commonly during detox to help ease withdrawal symptoms. Medication may also be used during treatment either short term until the individual learns better ways to handle stress or long term to manage symptoms of a co-occurring disorder. It is important to note that medication should not be used as the only form of treatment. Without the addition of therapeutic treatments the chance of relapse is much greater.

The most effective form of treatment is the combination of medication and therapy techniques. Our center utilizes multiple empirically validated treatments, all of which research has shown to be effective for treating opioid addiction. These therapies include:

Individual therapy – these sessions are centered on you and issues that may have been a result of your Vicodin addiction. Some sessions will also be spent uncovering underlying issues that may have led to your addiction and learning to manage any co-occurring disorders.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) – The main focus of CBT is to help you identify any negative thoughts and to challenge those distortions in thinking. Challenging these problematic thoughts helps you learn more productive ways of thinking which can in turn help change your negative behavior.

The strengths-based therapy uses the strengths and skills you already possess. By making you aware of already existing strengths you can build off of them to learn even more skills. This type of therapy will empower you to make the necessary changes in your life. The ability to change your life ultimately lies in your hands.

In addition to individual therapy you will also participate in a number of group therapy sessions. We offer many different process and psycho-educational groups, the ones you attend will be decided upon in your treatment plan. Both groups allow you to work through individual struggles while gaining insight and support from others who have been through similar experiences. Process groups are used to allow you to discuss certain topics like Vicodin addiction while at the same time connecting with others. Psycho-educational groups are meant to educate you about topics such as medication management.

Finally, family therapy is considered a big part of the healing process here at our addiction treatment center near Atlanta, Georgia. Since addiction tends to have an effect on everyone that is around it we believe that it is important to bring family into the healing process. Sessions will be used to help re-establish any lost family connections. Family therapy will look at family dynamics and assess how they may have played a role in your Vicodin addiction. Education about what Vicodin addiction is and how it is treated will also be provided. By better understanding what you are going through you family can better help you with your recovery. Family members will be provided with outside resources that can help them cope with their own personal issues surrounding your addiction.

In addition to standard therapies, we offer many experiential treatments. These include:

  • Music therapy
  • Recreational therapies
  • Expressive therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Nutrition therapy
  • N.A. and A.A.

Continuing Care

Continuing care and levels of treatment for Vicodin addiction

When your Vicodin addiction treatment here at our hospital comes to an end, an aftercare plan will be designed so that you can continue to heal once you have left us. We want to make sure you comfortably transition to the next step in your journey. Some options for the next step in recovery may include a long-term treatment center, an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) or a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). Your next step will be determined by the level of care needed when you leave inpatient treatment. If you feel that the appropriate next step is for you to return home we will do everything we can to set you up with appropriate community resources so you can get the support you need.

If you or someone you love is suffering from an opiate addiction, call our treatment center near Atlanta, Georgia today.