Behavioral Health Disorders We Treat

Lakeview Behavioral Health is the trusted provider of mental health disorder treatment for adults and adolescents in Norcross, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. We craft unique treatment plans to start our patients on their road to recovery.

At Lakeview we are dedicated to treating the complete individual, not simply the symptoms experienced. To that end, we strive to get to know who you are as person, what’s important to you, and the way in which you view your world. Often individuals who come to us are looking for help in one particular area without being aware there may be other difficulties bothering them as well. As we get to know you, we will help bring to light and explore other areas you may benefit from addressing or that may be tied to your primary difficulty.

The thought of identifying and exploring additional difficulties you didn’t recognize may seem intimidating at first. However, since we utilize your unique strengths and coping abilities as a platform from which to move forward, the ability to view your problems from the viewpoint of your strengths will help you see things more clearly and calmly as you begin to work through various issues, and help us suggest the best techniques and starting place in order to make the greatest difference in your mental well-being and overall quality of life.