Suicidal Ideation Treatment Center in Atlanta

Lakeview Behavioral Health is the trusted provider of suicidal ideation treatment for adults and adolescents in Norcross, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. We craft unique treatment plans to start our patients on their road to recovery.

Learn About Suicidal Ideation Treatment

Learn more about suicidal ideation treatment at Lakeview Behavioral Health Hospital in Atlanta, GA

If you are dealing with suicidal thoughts and feelings, you are not alone. Many people have these thoughts at some point in their lives. For some, these feelings come and go. If the feelings are based on a specific problem, they may go away forever. For others these thoughts become chronic if exposed to long-lasting stressful situations, life in a stressful environment, and the lack of adequate coping responses. Unrelenting stress, especially when there is no one to turn to, can build up until you feel intense pain or as if you’re about to explode. With no good way to decrease these feelings and thoughts, many people believe that suicide is the only way out. At our treatment center near Atlanta, Georgia, we can tell you suicide is not the only solution and there is hope. We will help you through your journey to healing.

We understand your pain and reluctance to divulge your feelings for fear of being judged. Thinking about suicide does not mean you’re defective, it simply means you need help learning new ways to cope with life stressors. We know people who have suicidal thoughts often feel helpless to change their life which leads to feelings of hopelessness about the future.

Our empathic staff will listen to your struggles and walk with you every step of the way during your stay with us to ensure your treatment plan is the most effective for you. We believe in developing a plan of care that includes your unique life experiences, as the person who knows most about you is you.  We respect your opinions and will treat you with the highest amount of respect and dignity as you begin your healing journey.

Why Consider Us

Why consider treatment for suicidal ideations at Lakeview Behavioral Health Hospital in Atlanta, GA

Our commitment is to always treat you as a unique individual who has a great deal to contribute to your community. While we take your symptoms very seriously, we also realize these symptoms are only one part of who you are. We are interested in knowing you, what’s important to you and what you enjoy in life as we explore alternative coping strategies to help you deal with life stress and set goals for your future.

In order to help you process suicidal thoughts, learn new coping strategies and replace the negative thoughts with positive ones, your doctor may recommend treatment at our center near Atlanta, Georgia. Here you can begin to heal in a safe place surrounded by caring staff.

Our Philosophy

Lakeview Behavioral Health Hospital’s philosophy and treatment benefits

Rather than leaving you alone with your thoughts, our suicidal ideation treatment center encourages as much interaction between the staff and others who are struggling with similar feelings. When you need someone to turn to we will be there for you.

We provide different levels of care so that when you’re ready to leave the structure of our hospital, we have a place for you to continue your treatment. We are committed to working collaboratively with you to decide upon the best placement for you after you leave our suicidal ideation treatment center.

Types of Treatment

Types of suicidal ideation treatment offered at Lakeview Behavioral Health Hospital in Atlanta, GA

We utilize a number of therapy options and strategies at our hospital near Atlanta, Georgia to provide you with the most appropriate treatment plan for you. We recognize that individuals often struggle with more than suicidal thoughts when they come to us. These co-occurring disorders can get in the way of enjoying life and complicate feelings of suicide. Your treatment center team may recommend medication which can manage symptoms and other difficulties so that you’re able to take an active role in your recovery. Often, people can be weaned off these medications as they learn new coping strategies.  Some of the other treatments we offer include:

Individual therapy sessions – Intended to focus solely on you and your difficulties.  You may continue work you’ve been doing in group sessions or work on different issues as they arise. If you have co-occurring mental illnesses, you may use this time to explore these problems.

Group Therapy – We firmly believe that group therapy is a vital part of therapy for suicidal thoughts as it allows you to connect with others going through similar problems. We offer process-based groups that are based around a specific topic, such as managing stress, that allow you to share your feelings with us. We also offer psycho-educational groups that allow us to spend time educating you about specific topics related to your diagnoses.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) – Used to address the way in which you think. CBT aims to identify the negative thoughts you experience, challenge them as fact-based or not, then restructure your thoughts to better reflect reality. Due to the mind-body connection, changing thoughts can directly change your behavior.

Family Sessions – at our treatment center, we know that each individual resides within a larger system of loved ones.  We invite family members and loved ones to participate in your recovery. During family sessions, we allow your loved ones to express their feelings about your suicidal thoughts, teach them about mental illness and the treatment you are receiving. We do everything we can to support your loved ones as they work through the process. We also provide information about numerous community resources available including support groups, day treatments, activities and the chance to interact with others in similar circumstances.

We also offer a number of experiential activities to help with your symptoms in alternate ways. These include:

  • Recreational therapies
  • Nutritional and wellness counseling
  • A.A. and N.A.
  • Art therapy
  • Expressive therapy
  • Music therapy

Continuing Care

Continuing care and levels of treatment for suicidal ideations

At our hospital, continuity of care is important to us, so we identify helpful treatment options for you to continue your treatment once you leave us. These may include our Partial Hospitalization tracks or Intensive Outpatient Tracks. These day tracks are similar, differing only in the number of hours a day services are offered. If you don’t need this intensity of services, you may be able to work with an outpatient therapist. If you haven’t already worked with one, we will help locate a therapist who can meet your needs. We work to ensure that there is a place in the treatment center or a spot in the therapist’s schedule.

As with any other type of emergency, call the local emergency number (such as 911) right away if someone you know has attempted suicide or engaged in any type of serious self-harm behavior. Do not leave the person alone. Often someone will remain on the line with you, asking questions to relay to the medical professionals who are on the way and to provide you with instructions to help the individual if possible.