Adult Partial-Hospitalization Program in Atlanta

Our Adult Partial-Hospitalization Program is for individuals who are either transitioning from a higher level of care or whose psychiatric symptoms are not responding to current outpatient therapy. Lakeview’s PHP offers both individual and group sessions to help adults regain control of their lives.

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Adult PHP Level Of Care

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  • Our PHP program is ideal not just for individuals transitioning from inpatient but can also be beneficial for those who feel overwhelmed and in crisis (without any thoughts or plans to harm themselves or others), who are in acute distress with symptoms of severe depression, anxiety or mild psychosis, or who need a brief yet comprehensive evaluation to re-evaluate their current therapeutic regimen including medications and have a new outpatient treatment plan devised. Our PHP program also addresses substance abuse issues
  • All patients will undergo a thorough assessment to ensure we develop the best treatment plan and in the right adult program.
  • We provide a safe atmosphere for you to explore and address a wide variety of problems.

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  • Depending on the needs of each adult, their time may include the following:
    • Medication Management
    • Group therapy
    • Individual therapy

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  • Our PHP meets Monday through Friday from 9:00a.m. until 3:15p.m. Participants attend four to six groups daily depending on their particular issues and which skills-based groups are appropriate for them.

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  • Our team will work to develop comprehensive discharge and/or continuing care plans. These will ensure each adult leaves IOP with access to crucial recovery resources and professional referrals.
  • If it is determined the patient needs to step up a level of care to inpatient or step down to intensive outpatient, then patients can move from one program to another as their needs change.
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