Adult Psychiatric Health Programs in Atlanta

The Adult Treatment Services at Lakeview is specially designed to meet the needs of individuals 18 years or older who are experiencing psychiatric problems, substance abuse issues or both at the same time.  While those who come to us for treatment can focus on their issues and problems exclusively while engaged in parts of the program, we understand the necessity of ensuring they can transfer what the learn to their real lives.  To this end we focus heavily on teaching men and women to cope with or accept the stresses and challenges in their lives which can often put stumbling blocks in the way of recovery.  We also integrate relapse prevention skills through our programs to help individuals learn what triggers their problems and to either avoid or employ a strategy to neutralize them.  It is important to us that each individual in our program receives the specific type of care they need.  That is why we have designed different levels of treatment with different levels of intensity including inpatient crisis stabilization, partial hospitalization programming, and intensive outpatient programming.  This also helps ensure continuity of care as individuals can move from one program to another as their needs change.

Benefits of Our Adult Treatment Programs

It is our goal to help you return to a life that is enjoyable, satisfying and fulfilling.  We provide a safe atmosphere for you to explore and address a wide variety of problems.  Even if you feel you are in crisis and can think of no way out, we can help.  Our trained professionals will help you recover from even the most severe, emotional, behavioral or psychological problems.  Our staff also provides constant support to help you feel ready to return to your home, family and community when you are ready for discharge.

Disorders We Treat

We treat a number of mental health and substance abuse disorders.  These include:

These are only a few of the problems we treat and we are also trained to treat co-occurring disorders, addressing each individual and as a unit.

We offer free, confidential assessments 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

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